F1 Colour chosen to shoot video for L’Occitane around Europe.

With great excitement, f1 colour continue to build upon their close working relationship with French luxury retailer L’Occitane we were chosen again recently for the task of traveling to Corsica and Provence to film the development and inspiration for the L’Occitane garden build at this years Royal Chelsea flower show.

Following the success of their award-winning garden back in 2010, a team from f1 travelled to Corsica, to cover the story behind the incredible everlasting Immortelle plant, grown extensively on the island purely for L’Occitane. Beauty Journalist and long time enthusiast of their products Jo Fairley, was there to interview the key people who have inspired and shaped this year’s design of the L’Occitane Immortelle garden at Chelsea.

F1 video shoot in CorsicaThe f1 team set to work filming in a rural Corsican setting, interviewing the designer behind this year’s L’Occitane Immortelle garden, 8 time Chelsea Gold winner Peter Dowle. With our team using 2 x Sony EX1 video camera’s capturing the inspiration behind this year’s showpiece, with both camera’s filming the interviews and  Audio Technica lapel mic’s capturing the sound allowing filming in just one full take.

With filming in Corsica & Provence in the can so to speak, and with the f1 team back in Blighty, it was time to move on to the next stage of the project, producing rushes of the extensive footage taken. This would allow the client to select the desired story board clips ready for our Post Production guys to edit. All of which were edited with an intro and outro, top & tail branded, musical backing track and addition narration segments added all to 1080 HD finished formats.

Leading up to the Chelsea Flower show the f1 team were again commissioned to film the garden build using Time Lapse photography to cover the inspiration as it came to life. This required camera’s to be placed at designated points around the garden build to capture the still photography that could be formatted into a motion time lapse video of the entire garden throughout the whole project.

f1 were on hand to document every detail, from the construction of the L’Occitane garden, it’s grand unveiling and through the whole week of the show at Chelsea, producing both still and video footage throughout, again using a 2 man video camera team to interview TV personalities on the garden including Amanda Holden and L’Occitane founder Olivier Baussan.

From the footage taken at Chelsea coupled with additional London based footage undertaken by the same f1 team we finally produced a final edit into a fun and funky video employing a totally London theme throughout which was specifically produced for an event involving the heads of L’Occitane globally in New York.



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Merrell win Best International Book 2011 for Abstract Graffiti!

Cedar Lewisohn’s book was a clear victory over its nearest rival at the Graffiti Art Magazine Awards.

f1 colour carry out the pre-press on many of Merrells titles throughout the year and Abstract Graffiti was interesting as it was to be printed on an uncoated stock. The images were supplied as digital files and covered the whole spectrum regarding quality, from a random snap taken by an amateur to a high quality professional shot on top level equipment. All images were brought into the chosen Fogra colour space and evaluated for best reproduction.

The page proofs were run via our GMG proofing system on a 140gsm GMG uncoated stock, so the client got a great indication of what the images would look like once printed and the printer got a proof that was achievable on press. And the result was an award winner all round!

Lewisohn interviews both established graffiti artists and new practitioners of avant-garde forms of art in public spaces – such as Knit Graffiti and Street Training – and traces the art-historical lineage of these abstract trends. Addressing such issues as street art as a form of protest, graffiti as a crime, the place of street art in museums, and the evolution of materials, this book offers unrivalled insight into some of the most exciting and challenging work on the contemporary art scene.

In Abstract Graffiti, Cedar Lewisohn provides a vibrant account of the ‘outer limits’ of street art and graffiti that are being explored by artists in cities as diverse as London, Prague, Philadelphia and São Paulo.

To find out more about this timely overview of emerging trends and style developments in global street art, see either Merrell’s website: www.merrellpublishers.com
or their facebook page: www.facebook.com/pages/Merrell-Publishers/111093568942058

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f1 cleans up Georgian Architecture for English Heritage

As part of our Print Services offering, f1 colour recently digitised 246 images from prints and transparencies and carried out post-production, including sharpening, retouching and colour management on them, plus a further 196 supplied as digital files, for a book on Georgian Architecture for English Heritage.

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f1’s aperture photography raises a glass to House of Fraser… in studio!

F1 colour has recently photographed and re-touched the new ranges of glassware, Emma and Emily, for House of Fraser.

F1 has carried out photography for this department store for various projects, over the past 18 months.

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