Happy New Year! f1 colour gets RIPped for 2012…

2012 is going to be a great time to be in London with the Olympics coming to town. There will be colour and vibrancy everywhere and we at f1 are always leading the race with all things colour.

So with that in mind, we have taken the plunge and invested in the Gold standard of RIP technology… GMG color proof 5. With so many new features, this iteration is right up there in the medal tables.


The new Adobe 2.5 PDF engine has the most accurate compatibility with Adobe Creative Suite 5 yet and the already very impressive spot colour handling has been enhanced even further to allow us more control over conversion.

Calibration is an area we are particularly pleased that has been developed, tightening the margin for error even further in a critical area of our business.

Our proofing paper range still covers everything from Uncoated, Newsprint, Satin, High Gloss and even Canvas, for processes including Gravure, Web and Sheetfed.

So with these great new features, the speed enhancement, also the latest Pantone look up tables and not forgetting shiny new Epson proofers to go with it, this is the release we have been waiting for.

This upgrade really keeps f1 on the proofing podium!