f1 colour amazingly perfects the art of time shifting!!!

As the weather finally starts to turn cold then f1 colour’s retouching skills start to rival natures own frosty outlook!

When River Publishing (http://www.therivergroup.co.uk) recently asked us to turn a late summer’s evening landscape photograph into a crisp January morning frosty scene to accompany an article in Walk magazine (http://www.walkmag.co.uk) our senior (masters degree in colour science) retoucher Graham rose to the challenge!

As much as we’re use to Marketeers relying on our retouching skills to help them promote the right imagery for their latest product or service offerings, it’s normally just repairing damaged packaging or skin blemishes. So when we received this request it was nice for us to be able use our knowledge and skill sets at a higher level.

From the earliest days of expensive scanners and Barco Creator software to the recent explosion of Adobe Photoshop and the digital backed camera,one thing has remained constant and all-important: the creative flair and eye of the digital artist/ retoucher. Some marketing & design agencies employ specialists in image retouching and manipulation however unless they’re doing this type of work day in day out it doesn’t become commercially or artistically viable. As part of f1’s Aperture Services we’re constantly providing services, from simple clipping paths that cut around the edges of the product image so they can be pasted onto a new background, through to complex retouching services to enhance the overall image, whether this be a product, person, building or as in this case a landscape.

Take a look at the before and after shots below and see if you agree with us. Time shifting from an late September evening to a January morning is truly magical and something Dr Who would be proud of!!!

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