f1 weigh in with new contract for Slimming World Magazine

With 8,000 Slimming World groups held weekly on a nationwide basis via a network of around 3,000 Slimming World trained consultants, there is a massive audience of consumers for the magazine, with its high production values, sharp photography and well-respected editorial content.

Emma Wild, Managing Editor of Slimming World, says the working relationship with f1 continues to grow and develop. “f1 has delivered a very high standard of pre-press provision over the past three years that we have been working with them, and we’re confident they will continue to do so,” she states. “Slimming World magazine is a top quality title and it’s important to us to work with specialists in their field that streamline the pre-production process, and make our life easier!”

F1’s Managing Director, Ken Harrison, says the f1 team is delighted to have retained the contract to supply the magazine’s pre-press requirements. “The organisation was approached by other companies with a view to carrying out the work, but all this managed to do was to help highlight what a good working relationship Slimming World has with f1 Colour,” he says. “We look forward to continuing to help produce this market-leading magazine.”