Systems Overview

At the core of many of the efficiencies our customers experience, whether scheduling, financial or brand consistency, are our solid (enterprise level), browser-based internet systems. Cloud-based 24/7, 365 days per year, they provide support and analytics across all our tri-service segment disciplines, to seamlessly integrate into all your cross-media channels.

Naturally, you can take advantage of our full software suite, or you can simply pick and choose a single system that meets with your current needs. With all the benefits you’d expect from any modern day SaaS system, there really is no reason for not giving these systems a try.

Our Web-to-Print solution enables remote users to personalise their print products and localised marketing materials through our simple SaaS offering. Businesses operating many outlets and branches often find it challenging to execute marketing and sales print materials that simultaneously embrace local relevance, central brand integrity, rapid design, change processes and cost efficiency. Customers that want to increase the value of their print products through personalisation often lack a customer-centric mechanism to allow easy, real-time personalisation and visualisation of custom content.

However, as an SaaS-based content composition engine, our f1 < artwork > solution creates custom print projects, allowing centralised users to amend designed templates and dynamically create print-ready, high resolution PDF’s.

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These days, digital assets are an inevitable part of every marketeer’s daily production process, whether in brand management and distribution, packaging or marketing collateral for print or web. It’s valued by all companies in various industries using different processes, but without exception, a good DAM system represents a huge intellectual and monetary value.

f1 < assets > is a versatile digital asset management solution that helps you manage those processes from creation to distribution. It streamlines your asset’s lifecycle by letting you store, find and publish all types of assets, such as pictures, videos, audio files and copy content to name a few.

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f1 < connect > is an innovative SaaS solution for centrally creating and managing virtual or physical touch points. Marketeers are able to easily create and configure nodes (touch points) to enable remote interaction with various target audiences via many different channels.

• Internet / Web – Corporate sites – Partner sites – Social sites – Blogs

• Mobile Phones – SMS text messaging – QR Codes – Phone Apps

• Location touch points – RFID – Smart Cards – 2D Barcodes

Our f1 < connect > control console allows you to control all active, transient and archived node attributes, from assigned campaign messages to points or alert thresholds. It also allows for instant report generation on traffic flow, requests and other important KPI’s.

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This cloud‐based digital signage system combines both hardware and software to provide an SaaS (Software as a Service) model for a low monthly fee. Designed to enable any size business to benefit from digital emote promotional displays, f1 < display > offers all the functionality of a premium digital signage system, including: content creation, editing and hosting, screen management, advanced scheduling, user(s) management and real‐time monitoring and reporting.

The ability to target retail messaging directly to your customers in real-time at the point of purchase offers huge opportunities to enhance brand awareness, deliver effective price communications and increase revenue through strategic up sale.

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The rise of accessing digital messaging via desktop PCs, smart phones, tablets and social networking means a successful email marketing campaign is now part of every marketeer’s current project plans. f1 < email > uses these new technologies to give us greater access to our customers / community; we must raise our marketing standards to cut through the increased amounts of electronic clutter.

Ambiguities arising from these same technologies are also making it harder to report accurately. Embracing these factors to maximise the effectiveness of email marketing is exactly the solution that f1 < email > is built to provide.

The first challenge for any email marketeer is to ensure their message actually makes it into a recipient’s inbox. Constant obstacles – ISP blacklisting, unused mailboxes, corporate firewalls and personal email filters – threaten both the deliverability of emails and your company’s reputation. You can’t afford even the smallest blip in your brand or customer accountability, as the effects can be very damaging.

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Our project management and digital workflow solution enables remote users to access centralised project information through our simple SaaS offering. Businesses operating many outlets and branches often find it challenging to execute marketing and sales print materials that simultaneously embrace local relevance, central brand integrity, rapid design and change processes, and cost efficiency.

As a SaaS-based content workflow engine, f1’s < workflow > solution creates custom project workflows.

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