f1 < connect >

f1 < connect > is an innovative SaaS solution for centrally creating and managing virtual or physical touch points. Marketeers are able to easily create and configure nodes (touch points) to enable remote interaction with various target audiences via many different channels.

You can deploy f1 < connect > across many forms of communication (eg: lead generation, customer acquisition, customer retention and generic customer communications), and throughout any campaign lifecycle. These campaigns can then be distributed and controlled across all virtual channels (eg: websites, blogs, email and mobile phones). As well as traditional physical locations (eg: trade shows, conferences, seminars, showrooms, retail and offices), the control console allows you to view all active, transient and archived node attributes and assign campaign messages, points or alert thresholds.

It also allows for instant report generation on traffic flows, requests and other important KPIs. f1 < connect > specialises in providing fully comprehensive marketing-related services for a competitive monthly fee, aimed at a wide cross-section of sectors.

Key features include :-

  • Centralised secure data centre
  • 24/7, 365, global access
  • Real-time node threshold controls
  • Real-time community reporting dashboard
  • Purchase pathway analysis






Key benefits include :-

  • Recognising and rewarding brand community
  • Understanding channel effectiveness
  • Increasing brand loyalty
  • Target and focus new sales conversions
  • Increase cross and up sale opportunities






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We have worked closely with the f1 < connect > system on a number of potential projects. They’ve always gone the extra mile to ensure we have a first-class job.
Colin Herridge – MD CDH CONSULTING