House of Fraser

We all raise a glass to House of Fraser in the studio!

House of Fraser Shoot


f1 colour recently photographed and re-touched the new ranges of glassware Emma & Emily, for House of Fraser.

f1’s in-house photography studio was challenged recently to add a sparkle to two new glassware ranges that House of Fraser was about to launch. As you can imagine, highly reflective glassware is one of the most difficult subject matters for any experienced photographer to take pictures of,¬†but as you’d expect, f1’s photographers raised the bar and achieved some stunning results in equally stunning time-frames and budgets. All shots were given our normal cross-media conversion into the various cmyk & rgb colour spaces, in preparation for the client’s use across multiple channels.

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[tabcontent] [tab]ApertureAll shots were taken on a white scoop in order to facilitate clean cut-outs. This allowed for a number of post photography, photo montages of new compositions to be made possible, with any number of the new range elements to be displayed for various promotions, both on and off line.



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