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We have produced 12 issues using our f1 < workflow >system and all parties are delighted with how efficient and streamlined it is, compared to the previously complex approval process.

We are now expanding the project to use our f1 < assets > system that will provide additional efficiencies and budget reductions across the different media types.

[tabs slidertype=”top tabs”] [tabcontainer] [tabtext]PRINT[/tabtext] [tabtext]WEB[/tabtext] [/tabcontainer] [tabcontent] [tab]Print‘In Your Hands’ is Vodafone’s consumer magazine. It’s published 10 times per year and is distributed in Vodafone’s stores throughout the UK.
Content covers the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of Vodafone, ranging from features about the latest phones available, to updates on the exciting Vodafone VIP fashion, festival and Formula 1 events.

‘In business’ is Vodafone’s magazine for business customers. It’s designed to arm small businesses with the information they need to make solid decisions about their company’s communications. Features range from a focus on the latest business phones to Vodafone VIP business rewards. There are pages about the benefits of being on the Vodafone network, full price-plan information, plus a section packed with news, advice and inspiration from some of the UK’s smartest business brains.
‘In Business’ is published six times per year and is distributed in Vodafone’s UK stores.

Vodafone Print

Vodafone PrintVodafone Print
[/tab] [tab]WebAt the beginning of the year we were asked by publisher Sunday to devise a system that allowed 41 users from different departments to access and annotate pages from three magazines they produce – Business, Consumer and Dealer.

In the past, the number of people involved meant that keeping track of amends was difficult – and emailing PDFs to relevant parties for approval was impractical.

Now, using the online system we created, each user can access the pages that concern them (determined by their secure login details) with a single main approver who is able to oversee all comments on all pages.

We have produced 12 issues using this system and all parties are delighted with how efficient and streamlined the previously complex approval process now is.

Vodafone ScreenVodafone Screen


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