Our Space Overview

Introducing the f1 colour space

Tri GraphicOur heritage in the fields of design, photography, pre-press and print encompasses twenty enviable years of excellence. However, more recently we have successfully built on this legacy to drive f1 colour into a new space, offering flexible cross-media solutions that have surprised both our clients and competitors alike.

f1 colour’s cross-media proposition is aimed directly at today’s busy marketeers and company owners who are creating and co-ordinating multiple projects across multiple channels – probably with multiple agencies. We can now provide huge benefits in this space by reducing your touch points and providing you with centralised controls over your brand and campaign assets, alongside minimising schedules and therefore reducing
your budgets!

We believe that by breaking down our cross-media disciplines into our unique ‘our space’, tri-service offering you’ll be able to identify with a valid starting point for any of your existing campaign initiatives. This will then allow you to leverage on those core assets, creating media for other channels, thus achieving an optimised cross-media campaign with all it’s associated control, time and cost benefits.

Welcome to our space, a space without limits.