Venice Simplon – Orient – Express, uses f1’s Aperture Services

The most celebrated luxury train in the world offers an inspired collection of luxury items.

Orient-Express recently expanded their wide range of branded travel accessories and collectables with some absolutely stunning new products. As you expect these goods were of the highest quality and they knew they needed some equally stunning photography that could really convey the detail and true luxury of the new products.

f1 colour was asked to undertake the photography for the website and future marketing promotions. To that end our studio was prepared and our trusted driver Kevin was despatched to collect the high value products. The Orient-Express team came across to brief on their criteria and liaised with f1’s photographer to discuss how to best show the products, quality of materials used and also some fine detail build quality. All items had a strict shooting schedule to allow them to flow in and out of the studio with maximum efficiency. From large to small and with the different material types being grouped meant the studio set-up and lighting configurations were maximised optimising throughput.  Once the stylist and photographer were finished, metadata was then added to the image files by the account manager and loaded into the f1 <assets> system for automatic versioning controls and data back-up.

Having cleared the Aperture studio our pre-press services department read the metadata linked to the files along with the clients comments to pull each of the images down the wire and start their tasks of creating the appropriate variants. Web, print, cut-outs, montages and localised retouching was performed and released to the client for both soft and hard proofing approvals. Once agreed the conclusion of the project was our trusty van driver returning the products back to the client and our DAM system being populated with a stunning new range of products for months of exciting new campaigns and promotions.

We hope you’ll agree by viewing the example shots below the effort made by all was more than worthwhile, certainly our client thought so.

Our new Orient-Express merchandise range was developed to compliment our core business, and to reinforce our brand values of delight, discovery, authenticity, and character. The merchandise is of a distinctive style and exemplifies discretion, attention to detail, luxury and the spirit of travel. f1 colour worked closely with us to produce images which reflected our core vision, for use in our new brochure and website.

I’ve found f1 colour to be incredibly accommodating and flexible in their approach. I like their ‘can-do’ attitude. This makes them easy to work with and that’s why we have been a client for the past 5+ years.

Joanna Clark – General Manager, Signature Boutique, Orient-Express Ltd

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